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Thank You!

The organizers would like to say “thank you” to everyone involved in making this year’s WordCamp such a resounding success! We’re still working hard to aggregate all of the speaker talks, so look for a post in the next few … Continue reading Thank You!

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Going “green” while (Word)Camping

We all know how vital staying caffeinated is to writing code, blogging, or whatever you do with WordPress is. As we announced a few weeks back, our local coffee connoisseurs Kaldi’s is one of our sponsors and is providing coffee … Continue reading Going “green” while (Word)Camping

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A quick note on parking…

Since the polar vortex has decided to make March in St. Louis feel more like January, we’d like to reassure our fellow WordCampers that the parking arrangement should minimize the time between your warm car and a nice hot cup … Continue reading A quick note on parking…


Staying Caffeinated

Our local hero coffee roaster Kaldi’s has signed up to sponsor coffee all day during our event! Now we can stay warm and alert while we talk about WordPress. How awesome is that? Super-big thanks from all of our java … Continue reading Staying Caffeinated

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