Going “green” while (Word)Camping

We all know how vital staying caffeinated is to writing code, blogging, or whatever you do with WordPress is. As we announced a few weeks back, our local coffee connoisseurs Kaldi’s is one of our sponsors and is providing coffee (both fully caffeinated and decaf) for the whole day.

Fun fact:you could walk to the original Kaldi’s location and back during WordCamp lunch if you wanted to.

In keeping with Kaldi’s and Washington University’s commitment to sustainability, we’re encouraging you to bring a re-usable travel mug with you to WordCamp to enjoy the delicious brew.

We will have some disposable cups available, but their so small (only 8oz’s) that you run the risk of missing half of the awesome talks running back to refill them. If don’t want to miss out but you’ve forgotten your mug at home don’t fret, Kayak’s (part of the Kaldi’s family) is only a 10 minute walk from WordCamp and they sell mugs.

Also, if coffee isn’t really your “cup of tea” don’t worry, we’ll have both hot and iced tea as well, but again you’ll be stuck with the tiny cups if you don’t bring your own.

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One Response to Going “green” while (Word)Camping

  1. Bless you for thinking of the tea drinkers! My travel mug is packed!