Speaker Slides Are Here!

All of the talks this year were mesmerizing and we truly appreciate all the speakers sharing their knowledge and advice with us this year.

Here are the presentations and the slides from the speakers. (We’re still missing a few. If you haven’t submitted yours, please contact us!)


Spare a Square – Carrie Dils

Developer I

Customizing your WordPress theme with CSS – Michael Arestad

Anatomy of WordPress – Ben Gathard

The WordPress Loop Demystified – Randy Hicks

Options, and Transients, and Theme Mods, Oh My! – Konstantin Obenland

WordPress Database Primer – Eric Juden

WordPress Templates are Broken! (But we can fix them) – Jared Novack

Developer II

WordPress Junk Drawer and how to organize it. – Mike Hansen

Powerful Deployment Techniques – Myke Bates

Speeding up theme development with automation – Joshua Ray

Revising WordPress Revisions – What goes into recreating a major feature in WordPress? – Adam Silverstein

Code with Care: Write Secure Plugins and Themes – Rachel Baker

Making  Your Whole Life Easier With WP-CLI – Doug Stewart

User I

How to get involved in the WordPress community – Chris Koerner

Business Blogging Like a Rock Star – Tom Harness & Leigh M Caldwell

WordPress for Designers – James Hipkin

WordPress SEO: Getting Back to the Basics – Nile Flores

Optimizing content visibility – Teresa Lane

WordPress for Beginners – Christoph Trappe

User II

Three files, unlimited layout options: The designer’s guide to total creative freedom – Mary Baum

Responsive image solutions for WordPress – Joe McGill

WordPress Security – Sam Hotchkiss

WordPress as an Application Framework – Brian Messenlehner

Leveraging WordPress for Your eCommerce Website – Will Hanke


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